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The Raven Freedom School is currently seeking substitute staff members and volunteers.

Application Directions:
Please read the following information about our program then, on a separate piece of paper, please answer the following questions in a 1 to 3 page letter. On a separate piece of paper please list 2 references with contact info. Please return application to Anne Lewenberg 266 Olean Street Worcester, MA 01602
The Raven Freedom School is a democratic ‘free school’ though this does not mean that it is monetarily free. The freedom we are referring to is the personal freedom of members of our school community. RFS is a place where children can discover who they are and where their interests lie in the safety of a self-governing, democratic community. We are unlike traditional private schools in that we are membership based rather than tuition based. Each family pays monthly membership dues (instead of tuition) which along with their participation in SSLC/RFS activities gives them decision-making privileges to decide how the school is run. There are three levels of decision making at the school. The first is the School Meeting, in which curriculum decisions and school rules defining behavior and activity during the school day are made. These rules are made by consensus by all students, staff, and volunteers present at the Tuesday morning school meeting. The second decision-making level is the Monthly Board Meeting where financial, legal, and structural decisions are made about the school. Parents are heavily encouraged to participate in our monthly board meeting during which larger school decisions are made, but they are not permitted to participate in school meetings unless they are participating as a volunteer or staff member. Our third level of decision-making comes in the form of our yearly Membership Meeting. The Membership meeting is comprised of all SSLC/RFS members including students, staff, volunteers, and parents. This meeting has the most decision-making power and decides things such as the school budget and hiring staff members.
Another difference between our “free school” and other schools is that all classes and lessons are optional. Staff members should be readily available for both formal and informal teaching, but the students can decide whether to attend classes or not. This gives students the freedom to make choices about their own lives and means that those children attending a class or activity are motivated to be there and to learn. (Please see our bylaws and vision for more information)
We would like to hear from applicants who are excited about democratic education, have previous experience working with children, and have previous experience with community building and consensus process.

What skills do you think you will bring to RFS?

What do you think will be hardest about working in this type of educational environment?

When could you start?  If everything goes well would you be interested in continuing to work at RFS in the next School year?

Please describe any teaching experience you have?  Are you familiar with the philosophy of democratic education?

How do you feel about meetings and consensus process?

Have you ever been in trouble with the law and/or do you have any criminal history that would exclude you from working with children?